Schedule Management Solution

Dark Horse Scheduling is a centralized schedule management application that keeps the entire organization on the same page. DHS provides access to up-to-date information anytime, on any device, from any location. You'll also enjoy a simple, effective, user-friendly design. Read on to learn about DHS's unique features that make everyday tasks faster and easier for employees and volunteers at all levels of your organization.

Page where volunteers select their name and the date to view their dialy schedule.
Sample view of volunteer daily schedule

Personalized Daily Schedules

Staff, volunteers, and clients can simply type in their name to view their daily, personalized schedules. DHS helps avoid confusion and an excess of information, to make sure that everyone knows where they need to be.

Form for volunteers to record their hours

Hour Tracking

DHS gives staff and volunteers an easy way to record their work hours, anytime, from anywhere.

Smart Scheduling with Conflict Detection

Whenever a change to the schedule is made, DHS automatically checks every person, horse, and resource against the database to ensure that nothing is double-booked.

Example of a scheduling conflict being detected and reported.

View of edit horse page, showing ability to set daily and weekly use limits

Horse Use Limits

Set daily and weekly work limits for each horse, DHS will help ensure that no horse is overworked.

Organization Directories

Keep all organization contacts together, and easily accessible.

Directories page

Page where administrators can download all schedule and timesheet data

All your data, in one place

Administrators have easy access to all organization information. Download excel-ready reports of volunteer and staff hours, class information, and volunteer shifts.